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Sentence Patterns and Grammatical Explanations


Suīrán yǒu diǎn guì,dànshì jiāotōng hěn fāngbiàn.

Although it is a bit expensive,(but, however) the transportation is very convenient.

The construction “虽然…, 但是 ….” can link two contradictory statements in Chinese. You can put the subject before or after “虽然” in the first clause, but “但是” is always placed at the beginning of the second clause. The second clause is the main clause that is opposite or stands in contrast to the first clause in meaning.

(S) 虽然 (S) + first clause,但是 + main clause
Suīrán guì,
dànshì jiāotōng hěn fāngbiàn.
Although it is expensive, (but) the transportation is convenient.
Suīrán wǒ hěn xiǎng qù,
dànshì wǒ méi yǒu shíjiān.
Although I really want to go, (but) I don't have time.
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