Language Course

坐出租车Travelling by taxi


Chinese English
to pay
信用卡xìnyòngkǎ credit card
kuài kuai *
dǒng to understand
找(钱)zhǎo (qián) to give back the change
现金xiànjīn cash
计价jì jià pricing, valuation, to valuate
计价器jìjiàqì taxi meter
车费chē fèi taxi fare
零钱língqián change

* Measure word for the basic Chinese Monetary unit

Special Vocabulary

Chinese English
师傅shīfu artisan *

* In Chinese, 师傅 is a respectful title for artisan. Here it is used to call the taxi driver. 

Useful Expressions and Phrases

Chinese English
算了suàn le never mind, forget it, let it go at that
不好意思bù hǎo yìsi sorry, excuse me
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