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使用社交媒体The use of Chinese social media

Sentence Patterns and Grammatical Explanations


Youtube, facebook hé Twitter, nǎ gè zài Zhōngguó zuì shòu huānyíng?

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, Which one is most popular in China?

In this sentence, means ''to receive''. is often followed by words such as 欢迎huānyíng, 影响yǐngxiǎng, 批评pīpíng. Following the same reasoning, the word 受众shòuzhòng in this lesson can also be interpreted as the receiver of the information from social media, thus the target audience, the general public or the mass audience.

  • 受欢迎 (to receive people's welcome; popular)
  • 受影响 (to receive influence; to be affected/influenced)
  • 受批评 (to receive criticism; to be criticized)
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