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Sentence Patterns and Grammatical Explanations

1. 我名片上公司的地址用中文怎么写

Wǒ míngpiàn shàng gōng sī de dìzhǐ yòng Zhōng wén zěnme xiě?

How to write the address of my company in Chinese on my business card?

If you would like to ask about how to write something in Chinese, you can use the phrase 用中文怎么写 in the second part of the sentence, after the expression about which you want to ask.

Wǒ míngpiàn shàng gōngsī de dìzhǐ
yòng Zhōngwén zěnme xiě?
The company address on my business card in Chinese how to write?
"Hilton hotel"
"Hilton hotel"
yòng Zhōngwén zěnme xiě?
"Hilton hotel" in Chinese how to write?

2. 我的手机号是13403040511

Wǒ de shǒujī hào shì yāo sān sì líng sān líng sì líng wǔ yāo yāo.

My mobile telephone number is 13403040511.

You can use this phrase 我的手机号是 (wǒ de shǒujī hào shì) to tell people your mobile telephone number. But please note that when saying a telephone number in Chinese, usually“1”is not pronounced as “yī”, but as “yāo ”, to avoid confusion between 1 “yī”and 7“qī”, which are similar in pronunciation.

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