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姓名Chinese names

Sentence Patterns and Grammatical Explanations


Zěn me bǎ wǒ de míng zi fān yì chéng zhōng wén ?

How to translate my name into Chinese?

When you want to inquire how to translate something in from one language into another, you may use this structure. "翻译成" (fān yì chéng) means ''to translate ...into...''. "成" is the resultative complement for the verb "翻译", which is normally used in the sentence pattern "A翻译成 B", and is often combined with the (bǎ)structure "把 A翻译成 B".

For example:

1. 怎么把我公司的名字翻译成中文?

Zěnme bǎ wǒ gōngsī de míngzi fānyì chéng Zhōngwén?

How to translate the name of my company into Chinese?

2. "manager" 翻译成中文, 怎么说?

"manager" fānyì chéng Zhōngwén, zěnme shuō?

Translate ''manager'' into Chinese, how to say it?

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