Language Course

坐火车Travelling by train


Chinese English
上网shàng wǎng to access/use the internet
出示chūshì to show; to present
护照hùzhào passport
无线网wúxiàn wǎng wireless network
检票jiǎn piào to check in; to have ticket checked
站台zhàntái platform
等候děnghòu to wait; waiting
证件zhèngjiàn identification documents

Special Vocabulary

Chinese English
高铁gāotiě high speed trains *
普通快车pǔtōng kuài chē fast trains *
商务座shāngwù zuò business class seats on the high-speed trains
二等座èr děng zuò second class seats on the high-speed train
南京nán jīng Nanjing *

* high speed trains with high quality services, such as modern air conditioning system, streamlined power cars, first, second, business class

* fast tains, but not as fast and comfortable as high-speed trains

* Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu province and the second-largest commercial centre in the East China after Shanghai. Having been the capital of China for some time, Nanjing has a prominent place in Chinese history and culture.

Useful Expressions and Phrases

Chinese English
请拿好。Qǐng ná hǎo. Please keep it safe. Please take good care of it.
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