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branch: Trade & sale

SUINCOM SPA is a company specialised in production of fresh pork meat and dry cured ham.

We control the whole chain of the product in our 3 plants located in Modena and Parma throught this phases:

- cutting, preparation, vacuum of fresh pork meat (back leg part) which generate: cut for seasoning, cut for cooking, cut for smoking, minor cut of fat- feet-skin-trimmings...

- seasoning of fresh pork leg to generate dry cured ham

- de-boning, cutting, packaging of the dry cured ham

We are supplier of the major italian industry of charcuterie and we also serve Great Distribution, Grocery and Details Store.

Our export quote is 30%, we have abilitation for export in USA and all major foreign countries.

Our turnover is around 250.000.000,00 euro and we produce around 2.000.000 hams with a de-boning capacity of 7.000 pieces/day


Project 2014-1-PL01-KA200-003591